Setmore keeps track of all your appointment data from your very first appointment and onward. The Basic Reporting feature allows you to recall this information and filter it by timeframe, a specific service, or a specific team member. You can also download a .XLS file of the data, either for record-keeping purposes, or to plug into spreadsheet software for more robust data sifting.

Generating your appointment history

  1. Navigate to Settings > Account > Basic Reporting. This is where you'll specify parameters and generate reports about your appointment history.

2. Choose the "Start Date" and "End Date"  from the dropdown menu to specify a timeframe. 

3. Use the Services, Staff, and Classes dropdown menus to filter your search by a specific service, team member, or class offering. Once all parameters are set, click the "Generate Report" button.

4. Your data will take a few moments to compile. Once it loads, you can use the Search field to filter results by a specific term. You can also sort each column by ascending or descending order by clicking the column headers.

Download a spreadsheet of your appointment history

  1. After generating a report, scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and click the "Export as .XLS" button. Your download should start immediately.

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