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Offer Cash App as a payment option on your Booking Page.

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Cash App is the number 1 finance app on the App Store that allows users to send and receive money on mobile. As part of the tried and tested Square integration, you can now accept Cash App payments on your Booking Page.

Connecting your accounts is free and Setmore doesn't charge anything in addition to Square's standard transaction fees.

How to accept Cash App payments

To take payments via Cash App on your Booking Page, simply enable the Square integration.

How your customers pay via Cash App

1. Your customer selects a service and an appointment time.

2. They log in or enter their contact details. Next, the payment screen appears.

3. Your customer clicks the ‘Cash App Pay’ button.

4. A QR code displays on their screen. Your customer uses their smartphone camera to scan the QR code. This opens Cash App automatically and their $cashtag is recognized.

5. When the transaction is complete, they land back on your Booking Page. Here they see an appointment and payment confirmation.

Note: When booking using their smartphone, clicking the ‘Cash App Pay’ button opens Cash App automatically. Your customer needs to tap ‘OK’ and then they're routed back to your Booking Page.

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