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Enjoying Setmore and want to share the experience with your colleagues? Our built-in sharing feature lets you share via text, Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, Messenger, Bluetooth, or any other social media platform. Customize the message with a link to Setmore homepage—it’s sharing made simple.

Quickly and easily share Setmore

  1. Go to Settings > Refer a friend.

  2. Tap the ‘Refer a friend’ button.

  3. Choose the app you want to share Setmore on or copy the link to share manually. This will send a link for recipients to visit

Rate the Setmore app

We're all ears! Share your experience—good or bad, we're here for it. Your feedback fuels Setmore's growth, and we're all about engaging with our reviews. Head to either the iOS or Android app store and leave a review with your thoughts.

Send us your thoughts

Leave feedback directly via the mobile app and let us know how Setmore is working for you. Sharing your likes and dislikes through the app enables us to respond quicker and work to make improvements:

  1. Go to Settings > Help > Share feedback.

  2. Select either 'Suggestion', 'Problem', or 'Question' from the top menu.

  3. Type your feedback.

  4. Click send to submit your feedback.

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