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Customer Notes, Stats, and Appointment History
Customer Notes, Stats, and Appointment History

See customer appointment and spending history, and add your own notes

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Customer profiles in Setmore give you detailed information on each client's spending habits and past appointments. You can also add notes to help stay organized for future appointments. In this article we'll cover:

  • Appointment history

  • Customer notes*

  • Customer stats (web only)

Note: Customer notes here are not visible to your customer. These are for your reference only. If you'd like to add notes to appointments that customers can see, add a comment to each appointment via the Appointment Details menu.

Customer history, and notes, and stats (web app)💻

  1. Start by going to the Customer tab, then click on a customer.

  2. Click Appointments. Here you can see past, present, and future appointments and enrolled class sessions.

  3. Click Notes to see your notes for this specific customer.

  4. In About, you will see your customer's contact information such as their email, address, and phone number.

Customer history and notes (mobile app)📱

  • Start by going to the Customer tab, then tap on a customer you'd like to add notes to.

  • Tap Notes to access your customer-specific notes. You can add notes here, and tap the icon at the bottom right to save.

  • Tap Appointments to see the customer's past, present, and future appointments.

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