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Access Setmore’s advanced features on the Pro & Team plan.

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Setmore Pro and Team are paid plans that offer your team access to exclusive, advanced features. Here are just a few examples:

  • Send text reminders to reduce missed appointments

  • Align your whole schedule with 2-way calendar sync for Google and Office365

  • Set recurring appointments to fill your calendar in advance

  • Accept online payment from customers through Square or Stripe payments

  • Turn appointments into video meetings with the Zoom integration

These are in addition to all the basic features provided with Setmore’s Free plan.

Setmore Pro

Setmore Pro is ideal for accounts with up to 2 users. Pro is priced at $12/mo per user or $5 per user when billed annually.

Setmore Team

For teams with 3 users or more, Setmore Team lets you access all the advanced features that Setmore Team offers at $9/mo per user, or $5/mo per user when billed annually.

Monthly vs Annual Billing?

You can select how you’d like to be billed at the time of upgrade. If you choose Setmore Pro set to monthly billing, your card will be charged automatically every month. First at the time of upgrade and then every 30 days thereafter.

If you set your plan to the annual billing cycle, your card will be charged automatically at the time of upgrade, and every year afterward until you downgrade or switch plans.

Upgrading to Setmore Pro or Team

  1. To upgrade from Setmore Free, click the tree icon inside your Setmore web app.

2. Choose the plan you prefer and click the Upgrade button.

3. You will be prompted to add your card details. Click the ‘Update Card Details’ button to confirm changes to your plan and enable Setmore to charge your card.

Downgrading to the Free plan⬇️

If you are using Setmore Pro or Team, you can move back to your Free plan at any time.

Contact the Support team by chat, email or phone to downgrade from Setmore Pro or Team to Setmore Free.

Switch between Pro & Team

To accommodate your growing business, you can upgrade from Setmore Pro to Setmore Team. This allows you to add more users who can utilize all advanced features. Here’s how you go about it:

  • Contact Setmore's support team by in-app chat, email or phone.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee💸

If you downgrade back to Setmore’s Free plan within 30 days, you are eligible for a full refund. Start a chat with the Support team or email us at for more information on reimbursement.

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