On a busy workday, finding a few minutes to clean can be a task in itself so it’s important to put some time aside. Setmore offers two options to help manage your cleaning time. So, let's end your stress whilst you banish those pesky germs.

Automated buffer time for single appointments

Looking for a quick fix? Buffer time allows you to add extra time to appointment slots to sanitize the workplace. If you set a buffer time for a particular service, Setmore will automatically add it to each appointment. Whether you need five or thirty minutes to reset, you don’t need to worry about manually accounting for cleaning time.

Learn how to set up buffer time.

What about multiple appointments?

Buffer time isn’t ideal when one customer books multiple services back-to-back. There may be no need to clean in between. Why not set up a service called Cleaning Time? Place it after a set of appointments so you get time to sanitize your space, while maximizing your billable hours. It’s easy!

  • Start by going to Settings > Services and click the Add Service button.

  • Add a Service name, the duration for cleaning, and select All staff so your team can add a "Cleaning Time" after their bookings.

  • Make sure to turn Private Service on (this will hide it on your customer bookable services).

  • You can now place your new ‘Cleaning Time’ service after your customer booking.

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