Exporting Customer Contacts To Mailchimp

You can now export your Setmore Customer's details to a preferred MailChimp subscriber list in just a few steps using  SetMore‘s MailChimp integration. It also saves you the trouble of manually adding existing/new SetMore contacts to MailChimp.

Connecting MailChimp to SetMore

Follow these steps to affix the two:

1.  Login to your SetMore account and navigate to the “Profile” tab.

2. Under “Profile”, click “Integrate”, click “MailChimp” and enable it.

3. It will ask for your login, do that and select the subscriber list that you wish to sync with SetMore.

4. That’s all. The preceding selection consolidates the two accounts. You’ll see a confirmation in the top of the list, once the integration is successfully done.

Henceforth, whenever a new customer is created in your SetMore account, their details will get added to your chosen subscriber list automatically.

Configuring MailChimp

The requisite contact fields in SetMore should match your MailChimp subscriber list fields.

For example, if you prefer to export the first name, last name, phone, address of the new SetMore customers, the exact fields should appear in both the places for a successful synchronization.


1. You can add a new field or edit an existing one. Navigate to “Lists”, click “Settings” and select “List fields and *|Merge|* Tags”.


2. Keep the subscriber detail fields (for the preferred Mailchimp list) identical to SetMore customer fields for a smooth synchronization.


3. You will need to add/change the associated tags as well. For example, if the “Field Label” is “Mobile”, the tag should be “Mobile” as well.


Congratulations, your MailChimp account has been successfully configured. From this point, any new contact in SetMore will be added to your chosen MailChimp subscriber list automatically.



Exporting existing SetMore contacts to MailChimp

Whenever a group of contacts are exported from SetMore to a MailChimp list, the chosen fields should match before the export process takes place.

This is how it works:

1. Login to your SetMore account and navigate to the “Customers” tab.

2. Select the contacts that you wish to export to MailChimp and click “Export to MailChimp”.

3. Select your preferred subscriber list.

4. Select and match the preferred fields that you wish to see in the MailChimp subscriber list and click “Save and Continue” then “Export Customers with Email”.

5. Your chosen contacts will be exported to the MailChimp subscriber list, right away. Once done, the notification will be displayed at the top of the page about the export being successful.

In addition to this, any changes to an exported contact in SetMore will automatically get updated in MailChimp. For example, if you edit a contact name “John” in SetMore and change his phone number, the same will start reflecting in the subscriber list.