Accept Payments From the Booking Page

Setmore enables you to accept payments from customers in the booking page. This way, your customers can pay upfront for the chosen services, and you get to secure payments against booking in advance. This makes life easy in more ways than one. First, since your customers pay in advance, you get your wallet secured against any pre or post-appointment discrepancies. Secondly, customers can pay all by themselves without having to phone you and share their credit card details to reserve a slot. Next, you can choose to keep the payments optional, in case you prefer not to make the advance payment mandatory for all the customers. You can also apply discounts, price reductions with a fixed amount or a percentage. 


  1. You need a premium account to take advantage of this feature. To know more about our premium plan, click here .
  2. You should have an active Stripe account to enable payments in Setmore. If you do not have an account with Stripe, click here to get one. Know more about Stripe here
  3. Activate Your Stripe Account: 

In order to connect Stripe to your Setmore account, your Stripe account should be in an active state with all the requisite details recorded to Stripe database (Bank account details, for example.) To do so, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to your Stripe account and push the account to Live by sliding the bar through the right (located at the top left corner under the Stripe Dashboard.)

  • Click Activate account.

  • Fill in the required details and click Activate account to finish activating your Stripe account.

How does it Work?

  • Login to your Setmore account and navigate to the Settings tab.
  • Navigate to Payments, click Configure and Activate Stripe Payments.

  • Fall back to the Payment menu, choose Booking Page from the list and then activate Payments for the booking page under Step 1. 

  • In Step 2, you can either choose to take the full payment at once or keep the payments optional. 

  • In Step 3, which is optional, you can add discounts, reductions or other additional charges as well. 

  • The preceding step completes activating payments for the booking page. 
  • The payment fields will start displaying on the booking page. Customers can make the requisite payment and book appointments. 

  • All the booked appointments will be shown in the Appointment Calendar as usual.

  • You can view the payment status here. 

  • You can choose to print the hard copy (invoice) of the payment.

  • Customers will be notified through the emails about the appointment and charges. 

  • You can offer complete or partial refunds as well. 

See also  Setmore Cash Register System.