It's important to keep your billing information up-to-date. If your card expires then you may lose access to your Premium features, or you may continue to accrue charges in order to keep your Premium subscription active. You can also verify past payments made to Setmore for your Premium subscription by looking at your Billing History. We'll show you how to update your billing info and review your billing history in the instructions below.

Update your payment card details

1. In Setmore, click the Premium (shield) icon in the top right corner, then click the "Update Billing" link at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

2. The Payment Details window will open. Now update your payment information and when everything looks good, click "Update Card Details." 

View billing history and download a receipt of payment

Navigate to Settings > Account > Billing History. Here you will find a record of all your past payments to Setmore for your Premium subscription. Click the "Download Invoice" button to download a printable invoice/receipt in PDF form. 

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