Agenda view

The agenda view gives you a concise overview of your appointment schedule. In this view, appointments are stacked one below the other with a short synopsis of the appointment time, service duration, customer name, service provider and the service fee.

3-day view

The 3-day view mimics the calendar view from the web app. You can view your schedule for three consecutive days. Unlike the agenda view, you will have to tap an appointment to view its appointment details.

Views and configuration

To choose a default calendar view, tap on the calendar icon in the top-right corner of the app and choose from the calendar views.

To view the schedule of a different staff member, tap the drop-down arrow next to the staff name and choose another staff from the list.

You can tap on any date in the calendar to view appointments for that day. Swipe left or right to view past and future dates in the calendar.

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