Recurring Appointments is a feature of Setmore Premium that allows you to schedule a whole series of appointments in just a few clicks. You set the start and end times, along with the interval of recurrence (that is, how often the appointment repeats), and you're good to go.

Setmore gives you the option to book daily, weekly, and monthly recurring appointments. If you choose the "weekly" option, you'll also be prompted to choose which days of the week the appointment should repeat. For "daily" and "monthly" recurrence, the appointments repeat at the same time and number day of the month, respectively. 

Note: You must have Setmore Premium to use this feature. Click here to learn more >

Book a recurring appointment

1. From the main viewing screen, tap "+ Add New" or tap the pink (+) wheely button.
2. Select "+ Appointment."
3. Take the usual steps when booking an appointment by choosing a service and adding a customer. When you get to the final confirmation screen, scroll down and tap the "Repeat" feature.

4. Select the interval of recurrence (how often the appointment will repeat).
5. In the following screen, choose an end date. For weekly recurrence, you'll also select which days of the week the appointment will repeat on.
6. Tap "Done." The appointments will appear on your calendar.

Delete a recurring appointment

To delete a recurring appointment, first scroll to it on your calendar and tap it to open the details menu.

1. In the details menu, tap the three dots in the top left of the screen.
2. A prompt will appear. Choose whether to delete just this appointment, or all future appointments in the series. 

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