If your business offers a lot of services, you can use service categories to help organize and and prioritize your offerings. This will also help de-clutter your Booking Page, making it easier for customers to navigate and choose the services they need.

Creating a new service category

1. Navigate to Settings > Services. In the middle column, click the plus (+) button next to "Categories." Enter a category name and click "Add Category."

2. To add services to the category, simply drag-and-drop them from the right side of the screen into the new category. Note that you can add each service to multiple categories.

Categories are displayed on your Booking Page

Services will be filed under their respective category on your Booking Page. This makes for a cleaner presentation and will help your customers find exactly what they are looking for.

Delete a category

Navigate to Settings > Services and click on the category you want to delete. In the top right corner, click the "delete category" link, and then click "Delete" to confirm. Note that deleting a category will not delete the services in that category.

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