Buffer time is extra time added to a service duration that your staff member uses to get ready for the appointment or clean up after the appointment. So if you have a 30 minute service, but it takes 10 minutes to prepare, then you have a 10 minute buffer time. In your calendar, however, the appointment will take up a 40-minute time slot.

Buffer time is invisible to your customers. This is useful if you offer a 30 minute massage that requires 10 minutes of prep time, but you don't want to advertise it to your customers as a 40 minute massage on the Booking Page.

Adding buffer time to a service

1. Navigate to Settings > Services. You should see a list of your service offerings. Click on the service you want to add buffer time to.

2. In the service details menu, you'll see Buffer Time listed below the service description. Enter the number in minutes for the desired buffer time, and click anywhere outside the form field to save your changes.

Buffer time doesn't show on your Booking Page

Buffer time is for your benefit as the service provider. Accordingly, your customers won't see the buffer time on the Booking Page.

In the example above, even though the Marketing Strategy service takes up 1 hour 15 minutes in the calendar, the displayed duration on the Booking Page is still only 60 minutes. The service has a 15 minute buffer time.

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