When you sign up for Setmore Live Booking, you’ll gain access to a web-based admin dashboard that provides information about the number of minutes used for your current and past billing cycles, as well as any overages. If any of your customers left messages for you with our receptionists, you’ll also see a typed summary of these messages too. 

Note: Currently the dashboard is only accessible from the Setmore local app or the browser-based app. We’re planning to add full support for Setmore Live Booking in the iOS and Android apps at a later date, stay tuned!

Accessing the Setmore Live Booking dashboard

  • Start by logging into the Setmore web app and navigating to Products (shield icon in left navigation bar), then click "See Details" under the Live Booking row.
  • Next click on Minutes used and messages, and in the following menu, click See my minutes.
  • The Setmore Live Booking dashboard will open in a new browser tab.

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