The day you sign up for Setmore Live Booking marks the first day of your billing cycle. Every billing cycle lasts one month or 30 days and renews automatically. Your account will be billed $89 USD the day you sign up, and at the start of each subsequent billing cycle.

How are overages applied?

Your Live Booking subscription of $89 USD grants you 90 minutes of live answering call time per billing cycle. If you exceed 90 minutes, we’ll continue to answer your calls for you at a rate of $1.25 USD per additional minute. Calls under 30 seconds are still free. At the end of the billing cycle, your accumulated overages will be applied to your bill at the start of the next billing cycle. 

Do I need to be signed up for Setmore Pro/Team to use Setmore Live Booking?

From 2020, Setmore Live Booking includes free access to Setmore Pro or Team for up to 4 staff members.

Can I combine my billing for Pro or Team account and Live Booking into one monthly charge?

Not at this time, although we’re working on ways to consolidate and simplify the billing process. 

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