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How do I sign up for Live Booking?

Log into your Setmore account and click the button below to open the Live Booking signup screen. Once we receive your payment, your Live Booking number will be activated and ready for immediate use:

Live Booking is only available in the US and Canada.

There's never been a better time to try Live Booking. Starting in 2020, all Setmore Premium features are now included in your Live Booking subscription at no additional cost. Learn more >


I'm not in the US or Canada. Can I still sign up?

Maybe! We handle requests to sign up for Live Booking from users in non-supported countries on a case-by-case basis. Because our receptionists are all based in the US, we can only offer support for English-language call answering right now. That means that we can't answer calls or speak in Spanish, French, or any other language (although this may change as Live Booking grows). 

If you'd like to try Live Booking and you're not in the US or Canada, please send an email with your request to  


What exactly do your receptionists do?

Setmore Live Booking receptionists function as a live call appointment desk for your business. Customers call in and our receptionists work with them to schedule their next appointment with your business. Any appointments booked this way will show up directly on your Setmore calendar. 


Are your receptionists bilingual?

Live Booking does not currently offer bilingual support or support for multiple languages. Our US-based receptionists answer and respond to calls speaking English only, for the time being. As Live Booking grows, we'll look to add support for more languages. 


What if the caller has a difficult question?

If our receptionists can’t answer the question, we’ll take a message. Setmore will email you any messages you receive, and messages will also be accessible through your Setmore Live Booking dashboard. Our receptionists are trained to get the caller’s name, email, and phone number so you can easily follow-up with them.

Click here to learn more about the Setmore Live Booking dashboard >


Do I need a new phone number?

No. You’ll receive your own, unique Setmore Live Booking phone number as soon as you sign up. You can either forward your existing business number to your Live Booking number, or you can use your Live Booking number as your business number. 

You can also switch call forwarding on or off, in case you want to take calls during specified hours and have us cover you the rest of the time. 

Click here to learn more about forwarding your phones > 


When I forward my Google Voice number, it keeps disconnecting the call or going to voicemail. What gives?

Unfortunately, we have some issues when trying to receive calls from Google Voice. Please read this article on Google Voice for more information >


How many appointments can your receptionists book in 90 minutes?

Setmore Live Booking receptionists can take about 30-45 appointments in 90 minutes. Any calls under 30 seconds are free, and won’t add to your 90 minute limit per billing cycle. 


What happens if I go over 90 minutes in a billing cycle?

We’ll still continue to take your calls, and it’s just $1.25 USD per additional minute. Any overages you accrue in a billing cycle will be charged at the start of the next billing cycle. If 90 minutes per month isn’t enough for you, contact us directly and we can work with you to fit your needs. 


Do unused minutes rollover into the next billing cycle?

Currently no. Any unused minutes will not carry over into your next billing cycle. So be sure to use your full 90 minutes each cycle to get the most out of Live Booking!


Who are your receptionists?

We’ve hired a fleet of receptionists all over the United States who have years of experience in customer service and booking appointments. 


Am I locked into a contract?

No. Cancel anytime. Come back anytime.

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