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How to get your Setmore QR code
How to get your Setmore QR code

Empower customers to scan your QR code and book appointments online.

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Service-based businesses from salons and doctor’s offices to DMVs and gyms, benefit from appointment booking QR codes. Audiences are offered a quick and convenient route to reserve their time, without needing to call or visit.

Your Setmore QR code is a unique grid pattern that opens your Booking Page when scanned by a mobile device. It’s scalable and can be displayed on business cards to branded vehicles. Here’s how to get your free QR code today.

Download your Setmore QR code.

1. Log into your Setmore web app and head to Settings > Calendar & Booking > Overview. Next to your Booking URL, click the QR code button.

2. A pop-up will appear and click Yes, Download. You’ll see a notification at the top of your screen that indicates your code is being generated.

3. Your QR code downloads as a .PNG image. If it does not automatically appear on screen, open your downloads folder to locate it.

4. Save the image where you’ll have easy access to it. You can now print and display it where you choose. For ideas, check out our guide to getting the most out of your Setmore QR code.

📣 Your Setmore QR code is permanently linked to your Booking Page URL. If you edit your Booking Page URL, you’ll require a new QR code. The original code will not operate and you may have to re-display it.

How customers use your Setmore QR code.

Anyone with an enabled camera on their smartphone or tablet can scan your QR code. Newer iPhone and Android models have in-built QR code readers.

1. Your customer scans your QR code and a pop-up notification displays on screen. (Note: Their phone needs to be connected to the Internet)

2. They will tap the notification and your Booking Page appears in seconds.

3. Your customer selects from your service menu and available time slots. They have the option to choose from different service providers and add more services to their cart.

4. Setmore requests their contact details. (Note: At this stage, they will also need to accept any T&Cs you’ve specified) If the customer has previously booked online, they can continue using their Customer Login rather than re-entering their details.

5. If their selected service has a fee, they add their payment details. You can decide if payment is optional or mandatory for any of your services.

6. Your customer taps ‘Confirm’ and they’re all set.

Both the customer and assigned staff receive email confirmations in real-time. The staff member’s Setmore calendar also auto-updates with appointment details.

For inspiration on where to feature your QR code, read our ultimate guide. You’ll find tips and shortcuts utilized by a range of industries.

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