Setmore offers automatic staff email notifications to inform your staff members whenever an appointment is created and they are selected as the provider, or when an appointment for which they are assigned as the provider is rescheduled or cancelled. These notifications are sent out instantly, as soon as the action takes place, and are included as part of the free version of Setmore.

Setmore's new appointment confirmation emails for staff members

Enabling staff notifications

1. Navigate to Settings > Notifications > Staff and scroll to the section titled "Send an Email." Here you can activate which notifications go out – when an appointment or class is booked, edited, or cancelled – by clicking the checkbox next to each item.

Setting up Staff email notification on the Setmore web app

2. You may also choose to include a .ICS attachment in the email, by clicking the checkbox next to "Include an .ics attachment in emails."

Attaching an .ics file

The file extension .ICS indicates a calendar data file that's compatible with most modern calendar apps including those from Apple, Google, and Outlook. By adding an .ICS file, your email alerts will display a prompt to add the appointment to the staff member's personal calendar.

Adding .ics attachment for staff email notifications
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