If you routinely do business with customers outside of your timezone, this feature will automatically convert available appointment slots to your customer’s timezone on your Booking Page. Customers will also have the option to change the timezone shown, in case they’re traveling and need to know in advance what your available appointments will be. This will help clear up confusion and ensure that customers show up or phone in at the correct time.

First, verify your local time zone settings

1. Navigate to Apps & Integrations, and under where it says Your Booking Page, click the "Configure" button.

2. Click the Business Hours tab, and use the Timezone drop-down menu to verify that your timezone is set correctly.

Enable the "Show Local Time" feature

1. From the Booking Page window, click the Booking Policies tab. Scroll down to the feature labeled "Show Local Time," then click the On/Off switch to the "On" position. The feature is now enabled.

2. Now when customers are on your Booking Page, if they are in a different timezone, available appointment slots will be displayed in their local time.

3. Customers can also manually choose a timezone to be applied to the Booking Page from the "Your Timezone" dropdown menu.

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