As Setmore adds support for more and more languages, you can quickly and easily change your account's default language in the settings menu. Once updated, the language change should take effect immediately. You can also change the language back at any time.

The default language of your Setmore account can be set to one of the languages listed below:

  1. English
  2. Portuguese
  3. Spanish
  4. Slovak

Note that this change will update the language for all features and notifications in the admin part of Setmore. Language on your Booking Page can be set through the Booking Page configure menu. Read this article to learn more.

Change your preferred language

1. Navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences, and scroll down to the section titled "Preferred Language." Use the dropdown menu to select the language of your choice. Your settings will be saved automatically, and the page should refresh in a few seconds to reflect the updated language.

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