Setmore Premium adds advanced features to your Setmore account to help your business grow:

Once you upgrade to Setmore Premium, the advanced feature set will be immediately available for use. Continue reading to learn how to upgrade your account.

Automatic billing

Whether you upgrade to Setmore Premium through the Setmore web app or through the Setmore iOS app, your billing cycle will automatically renew each period unless you cancel it. 

Upgrade to Premium from the Setmore mobile app

  • First go to Account and tap on Premium.
  • Next you'll see the Premium details screen. Choose your payment plan and follow the prompts to confirm your subscription.

Managing your subscription or downgrading

Note that if you upgrade to Premium from your iPhone or your Android device, you'll manage your Setmore Premium subscription from either your iPhone settings, or your Google Play Store settings

This also applies if you need to downgrade back to the free plan. Learn more >

Upgrade to Premium from the web app

  • Start by clicking the Shield icon in the left menu bar. 
  • Next, you'll see the Products page. Click to select a Monthly or Annual plan, then click the Upgrade button.
  • Follow the prompts to add your payment information. Once your payment is successfully submitted, your Premium features will become instantly available for use.

Downgrading back to the free plan from the web app

If you upgraded to Premium from the Setmore web app, this is how you can downgrade back to the free plan. 

  • Start by clicking the Shield icon in the top menu bar, then select Update Billing.
  • Next you'll see your payment card info. Click the Cancel button to go back to the Plan Selection screen, and then click the Downgrade button.
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