The free version of Setmore allows you to add up to 4 staff profiles to a single account. You can raise this limit to up to 20 staff profiles by upgrading to Setmore Premium.

Need more than 20 staff? Setmore Premium offers the ability to add even more staff profiles with special pricing.

Note: For Setmore accounts created before May 20, 2019, the free version will support up to 20 staff profiles.

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Adding more than 20 staff

1. Send an email with your request to, and put "Add more staff" in the subject line.

2. Our team will process your request and notify you once the setup is complete.

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Special pricing for more than 20 staff

Setmore charges for extra staff on a sliding scale basis, so as you add more staff, the pricing will increase at a linear rate. The table below provides details about the specific dollar amount attached to each staff limit. If you need to go beyond what's listed below, let us know in your request and we can work out an agreement.

The special pricing for adding more staff members
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