Use Facebook to connect with customers online? Integrate Setmore into your Facebook business page and empower your followers to book appointments. 


  • Customers can book directly from your Facebook page, on web and mobile
  • List up to 3 featured services for easy booking
    (Note: classes are currently supported)
  • Generate Book Now posts in just a few clicks or taps
  • Coming soon: Book from Messenger and Instagram


Make sure you have a Setmore account and a Facebook business page before you begin.

Activating the Setmore integration for Facebook

  • Then, click the Activate button in the Facebook menu. 
  • Follow the prompts to link your Facebook account to Setmore.

When you’re finished, the Book button will appear on your Facebook business page via web browser and the Facebook mobile app. 

Deactivating the integration

In the same Apps & Integrations > Facebook menu, click the deactivate button to turn the integration off.

Featuring up to 3 services

Once activated, the integration will automatically feature up to 3 services on your Facebook business page. 

Followers can click or tap the Book button on any service to jumpstart scheduling their next appointment for that service. The 3 services are chosen based on the service listing order in your Setmore account.

Show/hide prices for featured services

You can show or hide prices for your featured services by activating or deactivating prices in your Setmore Booking Page settings. 

Creating instant “Book Now” posts

Promote your services anytime in just a few clicks or taps. It’s a good idea to regularly promote your services to get appointments and bookings from your followers.

  • Start a new post on your business page and select the “Get Booking” option. 
  • (Optional) You can add a message to your post.
  • Publish the post to your page. It will have a “Book Now” button that links to your Booking Page.

FAQ: I deactivated the integration but Setmore is still linked on my Facebook page. How do I remove it?

To verify deactivation, you can check your business integration settings from your Facebook web login.

  • In your Facebook account, start by going to Settings > Business Integrations.
  • Then, find Setmore in the list of activated integration and click Remove.

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