In the Setmore web app, the Custom Time Slot setting lets you configure how long or short time slots should appear on your admin calendar. When using the Setmore mobile app, the Appointment Slot Size setting can be used to determine the same thing. 

Note: The Appointment Slot Size and the Custom Time Slot settings are device-level configurations. Updating the Custom Time Slot on the web app will not affect the Appointment Slot Size on the mobile app. 

Setting the Appointment Slot Size in the mobile app

1. Tap on Account and choose Settings.

Tapping on the Settings tab under the Account menu

2. Tap on Appointment Slots and pick the desired duration.

The Appointment Slots tab in the Setmore mobile app

3. Tap Save to save changes.

Configuring the Appointment Slot size in the Setmore mobile app

Use Booking Slot Size to adjust time slots on your Booking Page

Both Custom Time Slot and Appointment Slot Size differ from Booking Slot Size, which determines how often available appointment slots appear to your customers on your Booking Page. 

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