The Setmore mobile app lets you update your profile information without logging into the web app. Changes made to your profile information in the mobile app will also update the profile information across the web and desktop app.

1. From inside your app, tap the More button.

The More button on the lower tab in the Setmore Mobile app

2. In the More menu, swipe down and tap Profile.

The Profile tab under the More menu

3. Tap the text field to add or update the Name and Surname. Currently, you can update the email address only from Setmore's Android app .

The profile details viewed on the Setmore mobile app

4. To change the password, tap the Change Password link.
5. In the next screen, input the existing password of your Setmore account and enter your new password. Tap Save to update the password.

The Change Password screen on the Setmore mobile app

Note: Updating your password will force a log out for all users who have logged in to the Setmore account on their device.

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