Activating the Instagram ‘Book Now’ button allows your social media audience to schedule appointments from your profile page, posts and ads. Leverage the reach of your content and turn fans into brand-new customers. It's an instant route to booking!

When clicked, the Instagram booking button opens your Setmore Booking Page. Customers can reserve your time without leaving the Instagram app or switching between tabs.

This article explains how to add a ‘Book Now’ action button to Instagram and link it to your Setmore account.

Note: To add an action button, your Instagram business page must be connected to your Facebook business page. If your pages aren't connected, you'll see an error message during the activation process.

Click here for instructions on how to connect your Instagram page to your Facebook business page.

Set up the 'Book Now' button using the Instagram mobile app

To get started, you'll need:

Pro tip: Every Setmore account comes with a free online Booking Page. This can be customized with your logo, contact info and availability. Learn more >

1. Log into the Instagram app and tap ‘Edit Profile’, located on your profile page.

2. Scroll to locate ‘Action buttons’ under 'Public business information'.

3. From the available button options, select ‘Book Now’. Choose Setmore from the list of partners.

4. You'll see a prompt to sign into your Setmore account. Once logged in, click ‘Continue as [your Instagram profile name]’.

5. On the ‘Confirm Your Business’ screen, tap 'Next' and your 'Book Now' button is set to accept appointments from Instagram.

Activate Instagram’s 'Book Now' button with Setmore’s Facebook integration

To get started, you'll need:

  • A Facebook account that's connected to your Instagram business page

  • A Setmore account

1. Log into your Setmore account and navigate to Apps & Integrations > Facebook. Click ‘Activate’, located to the left of the screen.

2. Follow the instructions to connect your Facebook business page to Setmore. During the final step, select ‘Also connect my Instagram Business Profile'.

3. The integration will now be active and the ‘Book Now’ button will appear on your Facebook business page, as well as your Instagram business page.

Steps to remove the 'Book Now' action button

1. Sign into your Instagram app on mobile. Select ‘Edit Profile’, located on your profile page.

2. Scroll the list and select ‘Action Buttons’.

3. From the available button options, choose ‘Book Now’.

4. Select ‘Remove Book Now button’ and the action button will be deleted from your page.

Action required:

Before Instagram launched its ‘Book Now’ action button, Setmore users could link their Booking Page URL to any action button. Now, the social media app requires users to activate the 'Book Now' button to accept appointments. Please ensure you replace any default action buttons with the 'Book Now' button before Jan 4 2021. This will enable customers to continue self-booking from your Instagram page.

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