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  • Configuring your Xero account

  • Activating the integration

  • Logging a payment

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The Setmore-Xero integration connects your Setmore account and Xero for more efficient financial practices. By enabling this integration, Setmore automatically sends a copy of the payment details from transactions made in your Setmore appointments to your Xero account.

Data Flow Diagram

This integration applies to both cash and card payments recorded for your Setmore account. By default, the integration exports payment details such as the invoice number, customer name, payments collected, and billing date to Xero. You can also configure the integration to push additional information like the customer’s email, phone number and address.


  1. A Xero account in good standing.

  2. Setmore account with the Stripe integration and/or the Setmore Cash register active. 

Configuring your Xero account

To export an invoice that will create an authorized payment on Xero, you must ensure that your Xero account is configured to import payment data from Setmore.

Configure your account type with the appropriate code and check the “Enable Payments to this account” option during the account setup.

Specifying the account type and code on Xero

Activating the integration

1. From inside your Setmore account, click Apps & Integrations. Scroll down and click on the Xero integration card.  

2. In the Xero integration details window, click the Activate button on the left.

3. Choose the trigger for the integration. A trigger is an event that signals Setmore to export the data (Invoice) to Xero.

4. In the Xero integration window choose +Connect.

5. Next, enter the username and password of your Xero account. Click the Login button to continue.

The login page of Xero

6. In the Xero authorization window, click the “Allow access” button to proceed with the integration setup.

Graning access for Setmore to export payment invoices to Xero

7. Choose the target list to which your Setmore payment details will be exported.

8. Map the payment information/invoice fields by choosing which Setmore payment attributes will transfer into their corresponding Xero invoice card attributes. After you finalize the mapping, click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen to proceed. You can update the mapping status by going to the Apps & Integrations > Xero and clicking the Manage Integration button.

9. Test the target to continue. This will confirm if the fields between Setmore and Xero are mapped correctly.

9. A pop-up window will appear in Setmore that confirms the integration is activated.

How the integration works

When a payment is logged, a digital invoice is created and will be sent to Xero.

An invoice generated in Setmore

In your Xero account, go to Accounts > Invoices

The generated invoice that's exported to Xero


  1. How do I deactivate the integration?
    To deactivate the Xero integration, click on Apps & Integrations > Xero. In the Xero integration card, click the deactivate button.

  2. Can I import Xero invoices to Setmore?
    No, currently the Xero integration lets you export your Setmore invoices to your Xero account.

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