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Add 1-click video meeting links to your appointments and classes.

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Automatically attach video meeting links to your appointments with the Teleport integration. Online consultations, virtual events and team calls become easy to book and host, with no additional downloads necessary. Teleport links appear in the appointment details in your calendar, and the email confirmations sent to you and your guests.

  • With a Free account, a Teleport meeting is open for up to 4 participants. Only appointments can have Teleport links added to them.

  • With Pro, a Teleport meeting is open for up to 40 participants. This is ideal for larger class sessions, webinars, workshops and virtual events.

  • Teleport links can be attached to recurring appointments but not recurring classes.

  • For a 5-star experience, make sure you use a supported web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 12 or higher, and Microsoft Edge (Chromium build).

  • Screen-share is not available in the Safari web browser.

Due to regional restrictions, the Teleport integration is not supported in:

  • Bahrain - BH

  • Iraq - IQ

  • Oman - OM

  • Qatar - QA

  • Saudi Arabia - SA

  • United Arab Emirates - AE

Enable the Teleport integration 🎥

  1. Log into your Setmore account and go to Integrations > Teleport.

2. Click the 'Connect' button.

3. Next to services that require Teleport meeting links, flip the 'On/Off' switch to 'On'.

4. Click 'Save' in the lower-right corner of the window. Teleport meeting links will now be attached when these services are booked.

To disconnect the Teleport integration, open the Teleport card (step 1), click 'Disconnect' and confirm.

Access video meeting links

When a Teleport-enabled service is scheduled via your calendar or Booking Page, Setmore sends an email confirmation to both the assigned team member and customer. Within the confirmation is a 1-click ‘Join meeting’ link.

Team members can also find video meeting links in their calendars. Simply open the relevant appointment details and the link is displayed.

Record video meetings

Team members are able to record video meetings when first joining. Customers will not see this option, nor will they be able to record the meeting from their side within Teleport.

  1. Join the meeting from your calendar or email confirmation. You must join the meeting before your customer starts recording.

2. Select the ‘Record this call’ option.

3. After the meeting concludes, a recording of the call will be emailed to the Setmore account owner’s email address (not the appointment's assigned team member, for security reasons).

Remove Teleport links from a service

  1. To edit your Teleport integration settings, go to Integrations > Teleport > Manage.

    You can also edit individual services in Services & classes:

2. Go to Settings > Services & classes and select a service to modify.

3. Scroll to 'Location' and select 'In-person' from the dropdown menu.

3. Click 'Update' to save changes.

Teleport links will not be attached when this service is booked in future. However, Teleport links will remain for appointments already booked.

Remove Teleport links from specific appointments

To remove a Teleport link from an individual appointment, open the appointment details in your calendar and select ‘Edit’. Click the bin icon next to the video meeting link and then 'Save'.

Note: To create a new Teleport link for an appointment, click ‘Add video meeting’. Share the link with your customer if you don’t have notifications enabled.

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