The basic Setmore plan will stay free forever, so you can use it as long as you like. Setmore Premium and Pro give you two options for payment: you can be charged monthly, or annually (which means you save $72 per year on Premium and up to $36 per staff on Pro).

Below we’ll cover which features are included in each plan, and you’ll also find links to helpful support articles on how to use each feature.

Free plan features

With the free Setmore plan you can…

Plus dozens more. Click a few of the links above to explore the basic functionality, then browse through other support articles to expand your knowledge. 

Premium and Pro plan features

The Premium plan includes everything in the free plan, plus these additional goodies…

Note: At this time, only recurring appointments, Stripe and Square Payments are available for use in the Setmore mobile app for iOS/Android. Our dev team is currently working on incorporating the full Premium feature set into the mobile apps, so stay tuned for updates.

Staff Members in Setmore Premium and Setmore Pro

Manage up to 2 staff calendars in Setmore Premium. To manage 3 or more staff calendars, upgrade to the Setmore Pro plan.

Want to use the mobile app as your main scheduler? You may still benefit from Premium features by logging into Setmore from a desktop/laptop and programming the features there, and then by continuing to use the mobile app as your main device, if you so choose. For instance, once Text Reminders are activated, they send out automatically for every booked appointment, without you having to do anything. 

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