Due to technical limitations, Setmore Live Booking cannot receive transferred calls from Google Voice. Our testing shows that only about 15% or fewer calls actually make it through to a Live Booking receptionist, whereas the majority of calls go to Google’s voicemail system instead. 

Since we cannot guarantee support for Google Voice, we therefore cannot recommend using it with Setmore Live Booking. However, there are some workarounds available, detailed below.


Option #1: Request a local number from the Live Booking team

As of January 2019, we are now offering the ability to request your very own local phone number, in your area code. And, we'll help forward your new number to your Live Booking number, to ensure that phone calls are received by our receptionist team. 

To request a local number, you can email the Live Booking team, call us at +1 (877) 989-7413, or start a 1:1 chat from inside your Setmore account by clicking the chat bubble in the lower right corner (web app) or by going to More > Support > Chat Us (mobile app).

You may request your local phone number anytime before or after signing up for your Live Booking subscription.


Option #2: Use your Live Booking number as your primary business number

This is the simplest and easiest solution. Your Setmore Live Booking phone number is uniquely generated for your account and won’t be reassigned to another Setmore user unless you cancel your account. Therefore, you can use it as your primary business number anytime, and discontinue using it anytime, without risk. 

Share your Live Booking number directly with your users. Include it with advertisements, print it on business cards, post it to your website, and so on.


Option #3: Port your Google Voice number to Setmore

If you absolutely want or need to keep your Google Voice number as your primary business number, you can port the number to Setmore. After porting the number, Setmore will host and own the number, and guarantee that calls go through to our Live Booking receptionists. This process can be undone at a later date, at your discretion.

To get started, email us at help@setmore.com with your request. We’ll set up a time when a Setmore Live Booking expert can walk you through your choices. 

To learn more about porting your Google Voice number, see the “Transfer or port your number” page on the Google Voice Help website.

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