Slot blockers allow you to block out a length of time in your calendar, preventing either staff or customers from scheduling an appointment within that timeframe. This can be used for blocking out time for closures, prep time, meetings, vacations, sick leave, and so on. Time slots that are blocked out will become unavailable on the Booking Page as well.

Note: Slot blockers only show up in daily or weekly view. They will not show on the monthly calendar view. 

Add a slot blocker

1. In your Setmore calendar, click an open slot when you want the blocker to start. In the Appointment menu, click the dropdown menu next to Services and select "Slot Blocker."

2. Next set a duration for the slot blocker, in increments of minutes. You can block out an entire day if needed. When everything looks good, click the "Save Blocker" button.

3. The slot blocker will now be added. Click the block in your calendar to view details or delete the slot blocker.

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