Double booking is when you schedule multiple services at the same time for different customers. This usually means there is some downtime during a service that permits you to tend to another client, or bounce back and forth. In Setmore, by default you cannot double book services on a staff member's calendar. However, you can enable the double booking feature, which will enable you to schedule two customers in the same or overlapping timeslots.

Note that once enabled, this feature does not permit customers to double book themselves through your Booking Page. Only staff and admins can double book through the primary Setmore calendar.

Activate double booking

1. From your Setmore calendar, click the gear icon in the top-right corner. In the dropdown menu that appears next, click the "Enable double booking" option. Double booking is now enabled.

Double book an appointment

1. In your Setmore calendar, click on the sliver of open space next to an existing appointment. The "Book Appointment" menu will appear; simply complete the booking as normal.

2. A double-booked appointment will appear nested or will overlap the appointment that was booked first. Email and text reminders for each appointment will be sent as normal.

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