Recurring Appointments (Premium Feature)

Recurring Appointments is a useful feature if you wants to book the same appointment at regular intervals. For instance, you might have a customer who want to repeat a service (like a neck massage) every Monday for the next four months. This translates to sixteen appointments on the calendar. Rather than booking sixteen different appointments individually, you can use the Recurring Appointments feature to book one appointment that repeats sixteen times.

So lets get down to brass tacks and see how a recurring appointment is booked. (Note that you’ll need a Premium account to use the Recurring Appointments feature.)

  1. Log in to Setmore and navigate to Settings > Account > Preferences.
  2. Scroll down to the Recurring Appointments feature, and click the toggle switch to enable Recurring Appointments.
  3. Go back to the Calendar page and select an appointment that you'd like to make recurring.
  4. In the Appointment Details menu, click the toggle switch to make the appointment recurring
  5. Choose a repeat pattern, end date and interval. And that’s all. You have a returning customer.
  6. And this is what it looks like on your Calendar.
  7. To schedule Weekly Recurring Appointments, set Repeatto Weekly, choose the interval and the end date accordingly.
  8. This is how it will look like in your calendar.
  9. To configure Monthly Recurring Appointments, set Repeat to Monthly, choose the interval and the end date accordingly.

Recurring Appointments simplify booking the same appointment at regular intervals. You can book daily recurring appointments, weekly appointments, or monthly appointments.