Email Alerts

Setmore’s “Email Alerts” notify your customers and staff members about the appointments being booked, cancelled, modified, and so on. These emails come in handy by timely notifying your customers and staff members about their scheduled appointments. This greatly reduces the possibility of missing a scheduled appointment.

Let’s see how email alerts work for the customer:

  1. Log in to your Setmore account and navigate to Settings > Notifications > Customer. 
  2. Enable “Email” reminder under “Appointment Reminders.”

Below we'll explore each of the email alerts that can be activated.

When an appointment is booked

By activating this option, whenever an appointment is booked, your customer will receive an email with appointment details.

When an appointment is edited

Your customers will be notified through email about any changes to their appointment, usually if it's rescheduled to a new date and time.

When an appointment is cancelled

When an appointment is cancelled, this option helps notify customers about their appointment status.

Send appointment cancellation link to the customers

With this option enabled, your customer will be sent an email with an appointment cancellation link. Customers can cancel their own appointments as well.

Send "reschedule appointment" link to customers

Similar to the appointment cancellation link, an appointment reschedule link allows your customers to reschedule appointments right through their emails.

Include .ics attachments in emails

Apple calendar attachments will be sent along with the email.

"Thank you" email for reviewing your business

This option triggers an email to the customer whenever they post a review on your booking page.

Email alerts for staff members

Similar to email alerts for customers, these email reminders keep your staff updated on the latest changes as well. The following email alerts can be configured for your staff members:

When an appointment is booked

Enable this option when you want your staff members to be notified of new appointments.

When an appointment is edited

This option alerts staff members when one of their appointments is edited.

When an appointment is cancelled

Appointment cancellation information will be sent to your staff member.

These reminders will help your customers and staff members stay informed about changes to their appointments. Additionally, providing cancellation/rescheduling appointment links to your customers makes it easy for them to modify or cancel their appointments, straight from their email inbox.