Setmore PayPal Integration (Beta)

Discover a nimble and cost-effective method for taking payments from your customers and supporting your business goals. PayPal, one of the most widely used payment platforms globally, now works with Setmore to deliver payment processing capabilities to your organization. This integration allows you to take PayPal payments through your Setmore calendar when engaging with customers either in person or over the phone.

To make use of this integration, you’ll need a Setmore premium account and an active PayPal account in good standing. Follow these steps to upgrade to Setmore Premium.


1. You can activate either the PayPal integration or the Stripe integration, but not both.

2. For a list of currencies and currency codes supported by PayPal,  click here.

3. With this integration, you may take payments from your admin calendar, and from the customer-facing booking page. There's an extra step to enable taking payments from your booking page, detailed below.

Activating the Integration

  • Log into your Setmore account and navigate to Settings > Payments > Configure> PayPal Beta.

  • Click the Activate PayPalPayments button.

  • The PayPal login window will appear. Enter your PayPal username and password, then click the Grant Permission button. The activation is now complete.

Taking Payments through PayPal

  • From your Setmore calendar, click an appointment to open the details menu and click Edit Appointment.

  • Select the Payments tab, choose Card and then click Charge Customer.

  • PayPal will launch in a new browser tab. Customers can choose to make a payment through their PayPal account, or through their credit/debit card. At this point you’ll hand your tablet, phone, or keyboard over to the customer so they can input their information, or you may request payment card information over the phone.
  • Once all details are entered, click Pay Now and the transaction will be processed. Once finished, the system will not save customer username, password, and payment card l[information.

After you take a payment, Setmore will show the service as paid and allow you to make refunds at 100% the cost of the service.

Activating PayPal on the Booking Page

  1. Log in to your Setmore account and go to Settings > Payments > Booking Page.
  2. Click the button under “Do you want to accept payments on your booking page?” to accept payments from the booking page.
  3. Next, you can choose to make payments mandatory at the time of booking or not.
  4. Enter any discounts or applicable taxes for payments under Step 3.