Outlook.com Calendar Two-Way Sync

With Setmore Premium, you can sync any staff member's calendar with their Outlook.com account so that events added to your Setmore calendar are copied to your Outlook.com calendar and vice versa. This is known as two-way sync.

Two-way calendar sync between Outlook and Setmore works through your Microsoft account. Once you activate the sync, make sure you log into your Microsoft account at  https://calendar.live.com/ to verify that calendar events are sharing between Setmore and Outlook. 

To get started, log in to your Setmore account and navigate to Settings > Staff

1. In a separate tab, log into your Microsoft account at  https://calendar.live.com/. You need to be logged in to enable sharing access with your Setmore account. 

2. Click back over to your Setmore account and choose the staff member whose account you will sync.

3. Scroll down to the option titled "Outlook Sync." Now click the "on/off" switch to the "on" position. A pop-up window will open and ask you to choose which Outlook.com calendar to sync with.

4. Select the calendar from the drop-down menu and click Done.

Congratulations! The sync is complete. Any appointment that is booked in Setmore will be added to your Outlook.com calendar and vice versa.

Note: This two-way sync is available with your Outlook.com calendar only. This sync doesn’t work with Microsoft Office Outlook or Outlook 365. To integrate your calendar with the Office 365 calendar see this article  http://support.setmore.com/article/620-microsoft-office-365-two-way-sync.